Do you want to have a lasting impact on the practice of architecture and design, while learning how to work in a better way; one that promotes growth, focus, and structured autonomy? Well, read on...



We're currently looking for a new BowerBirder to look after our community in USA East. This role must be based in NYC, but it is a remote working role. This is a role for someone with experience in architecture and design across sales, events, recruitment or communications roles. Is this you, or someone you know?

You'll be based in or near a major city where there's a strong design community.


Imagine your job was to meet every single architect in your region to see what projects they're working on, and to uncover design that's never been seen before; imagine you get to talk to the world's best design and architecture journalists every week; and imagine you get to learn more than you've ever learnt in any other job, with a supportive and passionate team.

Crazy right? But that is what a BowerBirder does. Now we're expanding all over the world, and we need your help. 


Each BowerBirder has a country, or 'region' that they manage. Your job involves three main things that all feed into each other:

  • Meet Architects + Designers
  • Engage with Journalists
  • Support your community

Your goals are clear, and you're given an array of tools and detailed training to ensure you're reaching them.

You'll learn how to find and connect with architects, journalists, and photographers; you'll learn the value of a good team, all pulling in the same direction; and you'll receive valuable and genuine one-on-one coaching.


Your week involves meeting with architects and designers (on Zoom for now, but hopefully in person too, one day!).

All BowerBirders have a weekly plan, which when mastered provides certainty and genuine work/life balance. We provide all the tools you need to make this as simple and enjoyable as a job could ever be.


Here is a checklist of important things you'll need to consider before applying.

  • You need to love architecture.  

Being part of an existing architectural community is a big advantage, and you must be genuinely interested in the built environment, and making a positive difference. 

  • Language.  

You obviously need to be able to speak to the people in your region. This will often require speaking the local language, or being based in a country with a high proficiency of English. 

  • You need to be good at research.  

Finding architects in each city is the first step to meeting them. So lots of Googling and spreadsheets is required. 

  • Remote working.  

The BowerBird team is spread all over the world. We do a good job of staying in touch with things like video calls and chat tools, but a lot of the time you'll be working independently. Some people love this, other people miss the structure and routine of a 9-5 job (hard to believe, but it's true).

  • 2 years minimum.

It takes time to build a community. So this role really needs a two year commitment.  

  • Working on the road.  

You need to enjoy traveling and be good at the logistics of organising trips and working while on the road (when the world re-opens!).  

  • Technology.  

Being a remote team, we use every online tool we can find to stay connected and keep organised. Embracing new apps and technologies is a must in the BowerBird world.  

  • Social media.  

Every Bowerbirder has their own Instagram and Linkedin presence. So already having a professional pressence on social media is a big advantage.

  • Visas and residency.

You need to legally be able to stay and work in the region that you want to BowerBird in.

  • Sole Trader.  

You will need to be set up as a sole trader, with all that that entails in your region.



Eszter Riga
BowerBird Europe 

"I was familiar with BowerBird from previously working as an art & design journalist, and loved the concept. In retrospect, the freedom of working remotely is definitely one thing that adds a lot of fun and also responsibility to the role in the best possible way. Seeing incredible architecture getting published in international media – especially when you know you were a part of making that happen – is very satisfying.  

"It was mostly an instinctive feeling, Ben’s and Nic’s motivation was very persuasive from the get go. To this day, I still feel very fortunate to be working in an environment that supports collective as well as personal growth, with such an amazing, growing team of driven people, who all share the common goal: wanting to make change."  

Maddy Ellis
BowerBird Australia + NZ 

"Having been a user of the BowerBird platform in my previous job, I was already familiar with the platform and its benefits. The idea behind the platform - to democratise architectural publishing, is something I felt strongly about and the guys behind the idea are some of the best people I’ve met professionally, ever. 

"The job is engaging, challenging, and there’s so much variety in the tasks. I'm trusted to work remotely and have full autonomy over how and where I work, which has been incredibly motivating. I have unwavering support from the rest of the team so even though I work remotely I feel very at ease if any questions pop up. On top of all that the potential for travel and exploration really grabbed me."  

Lucas Aguillera
BowerBird Brazil 

"I joined the BowerBird team for the opportunity to join a global initiative and collaborate with people from all over the world. Since I returned from an exchange experience at the University of Melbourne, I had a feeling that I was trapped as a local citizen. BowerBird was the perfect answer. 

"As an architect myself, simply entering all different kinds of architecture offices represents a great learning oppotunity, and I've developed, very quickly, a complete new set of skills. During these meetings - with young architects like myself, architects that I’ve always admired, great architects that I didn’t even know - I saw a purpose. For me, BowerBird represents not only a tool to get your work published, but a tool for all of us to get architecture in its rightful place."

Jess Whiteley
BowerBird USA + Canada 

"I was attracted to BowerBird because you are given the ability to work from home and run your own days in a supported way. Coming from an interior design and recruitment background, work/life balance became important to me and BowerBird provides you with the tools so you can essentially be your own 'boss'.

"BowerBird is changing industry standards for the better. I am a big believer in democratising architectural media and the mission behind BowerBird. This was the career change I was looking for and have ended up in an environment that supports personal and professional growth."

Claudia Carmen
BowerBird USA + Canada

"What attracted me to working with BowerBird was the access to explore the range in architectural work across North America.  

"Coming from a corner in the Pacific Northwest that can sometimes feel removed from the rest of the world, I was drawn to engaging in conversations on architecture in eastern North America where a rich culture and tradition stand behind the practice."

Katie Jones
BowerBird UK + Ireland 

"I came across the opportunity with BowerBird by chance and thought it sounded like such a dream. Flexibility, responsibility, plus being able to continue to be a part of my favourite industry and keep adding to the amazing network I have built over the years."

Ben & Nic’s recruitment process was great. I felt more reassured with every conversation, and by the end of the process it was a no-brainer. The team are amazing and the role is really varied - there’s never a dull moment as a BowerBirder! The message behind our mission is incredibly powerful and I’m excited to be a part of it."


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