AIA Austin Design Awards 2020 x BowerBird  

AIA Austin is partnering with the BowerBird Platform on the 2020 Design Awards Program.

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BowerBird brings architects and journalists together

Because great projects should be shared with the public.

Just like AIA Austin, BowerBird wants to see more of the public engaging with architecture, and commissioning more architects. 

BowerBird is a platform that connects architects directly with magazine, online, and freelance journalists and editors across the globe.  

BowerBird is an affordable subscription platform that empowers architects to share their projects quickly and easily with the media.  

BowerBird has built a global community of over 3,000 architects, journalists and photographers, all with the aim of sharing great architecture with the world.

In 2020, BowerBird is once again helping to promote entrants of the AIA Austin Design Awards, offering the first two months free to new subscribers.

2020 AIA Austin Design Awards entrants get their first two months free on Bowerbird.

*These offers are only open to new subscribers. Past and current subscribers should get in touch on for special offers and support.

The Process

The process for the 2020 AIA Austin Design Awards is simple. 

1. Import  

Your entries will be imported automatically. You can opt out of this before the 17th March.  

2. Contact  

You'll be contacted by Elliott, from BowerBird North America, regarding the creation of your account. If you already have an account, you'll see your entry on your Dashboard when logging in.  

3. Press Release  

A first press release will be sent to journalists alerting them to all entries in the program.  

4. Access Requests  

You may receive access requests (through email alerts) from journalists who are interested in publishing your project/s.  

5. Subscribe  

To provide access, you'll need to have an active subscription. If you don't already have an active subscription, a link to this will have been provided via email.  

6. Submit  

Once you've subscribed, you'll be able to submit your project/s proactively to journalists through Submission Suggestions.  

7. Finalists + Winners  

Two further press releases will be sent for finalist entrants and the winners.  

8. Ask us for help  

You are not alone. You're now part of the BowerBird community, which means you can ask us anything about getting published and sharing your work with the world.  

How BowerBird Works

Upload your completed projects using 'BowerKits'

Subscribe to activate your projects and share with journalists  

Send your projects to journalists and get published  

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Our community says...

John Liu - Architect and Owner Inbetween Architecture 

BowerBird is a game changer. It has broken the ice for us so the experience of approaching an editor or writer is a lot less stressful. It turns out that journalists are human too!  

Jaime Derringer - Founder and Editor Design Milk 

I’m always delighted to see an email from BowerBird in my inbox. They do a great job of working with only the best architects and designers, so I know even before opening the email that I can expect a high-quality submission.

David Arnott - Architect and Owner Stark Architecture

We love BowerBird. Getting published used to be a pretty arduous task. Within three weeks of uploading to BowerBird, we were published online five times, and our first two print articles are due for publication next month!  

Trusted by the world's best architects...

From sole-practitioners to global architecture firms.

...and publications

Industry press, global digital and print titles, and niche publications all find projects on BowerBird

Democratising architectural media

BowerBird is democratising architectural media. We think everyone wins when we allow each architect to share their work with the public. It's about growing the pie. 

We believe every practice, big or small, should get the chance to share their architecture. And to be honest, that's what the journalists want too; diversity of content.  

This means that we don't have exclusive relationships with any publications. 

We're completely impartial; it couldn't work any other way.  

Built for Architects

BowerBird is the platform that connects architects and journalists to get architecture published. It's been specifically built to meet the needs of architects, designers, and journalists.  

This is a community, gathered for one purpose: to share great architecture. We're looking forward to continue our support of the AIA Austin Design Awards, and helping entrants get more from their involvement.

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